• Корпоративна електронна пошта НАУ.

    Corporate e-mail server

    ITT at SRI provides access to corporate email system NAU domain nau.edu.ua. Access is given to members of the university.

  • wifi network

    Wi-Fi network

    Dear students, faculty and visitors NAU! As part of a pilot project on WIFI NAU campus is service - high-speed wireless Internet technology WI-FI. Everyone has the opportunity to sign up and use the Internet for educational purposes free!

  • virtualization.jpg

    System virtualization

    Allows you to create virtual servers and work stantsiiyi platform virtualization .. The ability to create a virtual computer lab. The advantages of virtualization: - The speed and ease of setup; - Saving hardware and energy;

  • International Internet teleconference

    June 8, 2011 with technical support from ITT Research Institute conducted an international Internet teleconference between National Aviation University and Pacific State University.